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Be well prepared and bring consumables to every raid.

You should carry : Flasks, Food buffs, and Potions for your class.

Attitude and Wiping

Always strive to maintain a positive attitude, wipes are bound to happen, especially within a new group. To really know a mechanic of a fight you will need to practice, sometimes it will take many tries and weeks to down a boss, Being rude and finger pointing will not be tolerated, If you see someone who obviously don’t understand and you think you know a better then calmly instruct them on ways to improve preferably over a whisper, alternatively bring it up to the raid leader thru a whisper. Pointing fingers openly and getting angry is more likely to make the person nervous and more prone to making mistakes which ultimately will take longer. Raging is very demotivating for other group members and is something we do not accept in a raid. Remember not everyone is a fast learner, sometimes a bit of encouragement is all it takes to get something right. When a person feels completely comfortable with their team, that’s when raid members really start to shine.


You are required to be in Ventrillo before raid start server time on raid nights and remain there for the full duration of the raid. Ventrillo is our main source for communication during raid! If you are in the channel, be attentive and prepared to listen while strategies are discussed. During actual encounters we need peace and quiet to focus. Stick to information that is relevant for the encounter only if you have to talk. You should be focusing on the fight and while a comment here and there is alright, constant talking is not. Thoughts or constructive ideas on how to improve the group’s performance are more than welcome, but bring it up in between encounters unless it’s critical. One of the things that distinguish our raiders is that we know how to laugh and have fun during raids, but we also know when it’s time to focus. We want to get as much effective raiding time in as possible.

No linking of DPS/HPS/TPS meters in raid or guild chat. It is both irrelevant and counter – productive to the raid environment. We all have our meters, and we all see how each member perform in regards to their role and in terms of output. Additionally to fully understand what is going on during an encounter there are many things you need to take into account. Doing an intelligent analysis of the situation and try and find ways to improve will do far more for progress than linking a static meter of numbers.

Raiding outside of Nature's Fury


If you are part of a raid group, don’t save yourself to any current raid content outside of Nature's Fury. Your group will be counting on your availability in order to do raids within guild together. If you are sitting out for some reason and want to pug Then you will need to let your guild leader or raid leader know ahead of time so that your spot may be replaced to not hold up 9 others.


The Afk situation


Don’t take prolonged AFK’s during the raid. If you need to AFK, tell an officer; and if it’s going to be for a long time or happen frequently during that raid, please excuse yourself from the raid. If the afks become a problem with more than a few raids then you will be replaced in the team.. It is not 9 other people's fault your internet does not work or that your Mother needs you every 5 minutes. If someone is excessively afk during a raid..(agreed on by at least 2 officers) then you will be removed from the raid and replaced by someone else.

Be Raid ready

Do not come to the raid with a different spec than your main or on an alt, unless requested to. Be online 15 mins prior to raid time and have your flask and food made BEFORE raid...this includes being gemmed and enchanted suited for your spec.

If you continue not being on time and ready 15 mins prior to raid time …you will be replaced. This will be the same as the afk rules if you are a constant problems of not being prepared….you will be replaced by someone who can be prepared at raid time.

The calendar invites..

Simple …Mark accept if you are going to be there, tentative if you are not sure and standby if you want to raid and are going to be online as a back up for someone who does not show up; that being said…if you accept and you do not show week that you are here you forfeit gear. If you are standby .. it is what it are standing by and tentative does not lose your spot but it will be a nice gesture to let the raid leader or the guild leader know 2 days prior so we can fill in your spot with the stand by people if we need to . and of course decline would be no..I am not going to be there. Please be attentive to the calendar because from now on this is how the raid will be formed.

. Also note that if you mark accepted and you do not show up on time .and ready . your spot will be given away to the tentative /standby people without question.


If you are in main group you need to be present at least 75% of the raids in a month. This is how we get a stable group, even though we run casual. If you can’t be there it’s fine. But then it might be better if you are on standby so you can show up more irregularly. You will still be able to help the guild and there will still be plenty of raiding available. And it will allow someone from standby to get a chance to raid.

Important >>> There will be TWO (2) calendar invites for each raid…the main team will have one list and the alternates another or “standby’s” will be on another one. If you wish to earn a spot for raid then you will need to sign up on this list ASAP ..(Weekly!) We will take the first one that signs up and is on and raid ready.. doing so and being prepared will earn you a spot in the regular raid team as we progress. There will be times and days you will not go but to clear up any confusion this is how it works..Player A is a regular raider.. he does not show up .. we will then look to the standby list to see who is actually on and ready to go .Player B signed up on Tuesday morning at 8 am and Player C signed up on Monday Night at 9 pm .. we will choose player C to go to raid so it is VERY VERY important that you sign up as soon as possible to have the chance to go.. provided that each one of them are raid ready .. as in flask/enchanted and gemmed prior to raid time. If they are not raid ready it will default back to Player B provided he/she is raid ready .. and so forth so on.



Vanity items are rolled for equally by everyone. Possibly we will discuss this, in case someone already received a vanity item in the same raid that person will pass in order to give the others a better chance of getting it. I doubt this will be any problem for us at all, we’re good at handling these kinds of situations.

If there any problems or suggestions or ideas you would have please get in touch with your guild leader. I am always here to help with anything I can. We are striving to get as many people into raids as we can.. but it does take dedication to be a raider. Please do not hesitate to let either of the raid leaders know you want to raid and when you can raid so that they can try to get you in one.

Our current raid leaders are Desaray and Sylvy.

Or you can contact me …Abinlina (guild leader).


Tami...(aka) Tamarra /or/ Abinlina

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