Nature's Fury Argent Dawn from World of Warcraft

Nature's Fury Argent Dawn's Most friendly and helpful  guild

Welcome to Nature's Fury. You will find we are a very tight group of people who simply just love to have fun and help each other .. we try to make new friends along our way. This guild is kind of unique in many ways. We help each other and welcome new "family" members. We are a casual guild that is gearing all our toons toward raiding. And hope to start some cata raids real soon.  We run heroic cata dungeons and such. If someone has a group quest .. the guild is the place to find help.  Don't be surprized when we ask nothing in return for our time and efforts. That's just the way we roll. All we ask is to "Pay it Forward" to someone else along the way.. And always smile it makes a better day for your self and the ones you play with. ...You will see that phrase quite a bit from me ..Abinlina the GL

Plese feel free to browse around here and when in game.. Play well , have fun and always!

Feel free to ingame whisper myself...Abinlina or Tamarra   or the co-leader Abine or (Valvis)  if you are searching for a place to call home in the game ...this may be it!

You may contact our officers listed as follows: Abine, Desaray, Windstormer, Bullric, Nessarose and Terrokar they will instruct you on what next to do to become a member of Nature's Fury.

 If you would like to be a member of the "family" Please submit an application on the above link "Apply".

We will get to your request after we look over your information and I will I get back to you asap. You will also get an in-game mail to notify you of our decision.

 Thank you for the interest!   Tam... Abinlina