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Been a while since I updated on here so let me update the news a bit.. recently we seem to have been really progressing with the guild raids.. The credit goes to everyone who has put in the effort of being there and being there on time!.. Working hard and doing what Nature's Fury does best ..working together and helping out a buddy  to get geared gemmed and sticking by each other!  I am really proud of the work you all have done in getting to this point.

Now the hard part comes:  We have to recruit more people that are like us .. and yes it is hard .. we are a unique type of people in this game and not everyone will fit in our group sadly so many people are not like us, there are many who are only in it for themself and no one else.I am asking each one of you .. as you play the game and meet people that you feel are worthy of being with us.. invite them to play often and recommend our guild if you think they are like us.. If they are not wanting to "join" us yet ..continue to play with them and show them how we truly are.We are pretty irrisistable once people get to know us :)

We are now thinking of starting a 2nd raid team and that is AWESOME!  But i need help..I need people to step up and learn the fights and stuff so I can depend on someone to lead a 2nd raid team. Is that you ? .. You will have to be dedicated to Nature's Fury and carry and defend our name as if it were your own..because it really is YOUR name you wear it everywhere here in the game.So I do not need a raid leader that is selfish or unreliable or lazy.. Yep Tam's being blunt..

Nature's Fury belongs to everyone in it and everyone has a role here.. You are as important as anyone in the guild.

Remember we "pay it forward" and that simply means if someone does something for you ... we ask you return the kindness by doing the smae or equal to another guildie.  ALWAYS be respectful in guild and out.. that includes EVERYONE. Your actions reflect this guild and disrespecting others is a quick way to not be here.

Have a great day guys .. get ready to RAID!!!!


Tami...(aka) Tamarra /or/ Abinlina

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